I joined once again the Rock Art exploration trip organized by Mr. Yves Gauthier. The main purpose was to explore the engravings of Niola Doa. We made a round trip of the entire Ennedi Plateau, starting from the south to go east up to 50km from the border of Sudan, then passing the Ennedi Plateau to the north, then moving westward in the Mourdi depression. The eastern part of Ennedi has been seldom explored and many new rock art sites were found.

The climate of the Ennedi Plateau is semi-arid, typical to the Sahel regions, with some trees and vegetation. This climate gives magnificent landscapes with abundant animals such as gazelles, mouflons, jackals, etc. as well as various birds. The land is still lived by nomads herding mostly camels and goats. We could catch a glimpse of their life. We spent 23 days in Chad with the total distance of 3,972km. (February 2018)

Exploration Map


エネディ山地は完全な砂漠地帯ではなく、サヘル(サハラ南縁部)と呼ばれる半砂漠気候地帯で、わずかながら草木もある美しい景色の中で、ガゼルやムフロンなどの哺乳動物や野鳥も数多く見ることができた。また、この厳しい環境の中で暮らす遊牧民の生活も垣間見ることができた。チャド滞在23日間、総走行距離 3,972km。(2018年2月)



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