At about 200km in the direction of Illizi, there is a branch point to Iherir Oasis. This is the starting point for the walking trip with camels. The bottoms of large sandstones are carved by water and wind where numerous rock paintings are found.


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  • 9-Iheren03Cows&Sheeps
  • 10-Iheren06Cows
  • 11-Iheren08MenWithTatoo
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  • 15-Tadrast01
  • 12-TinAbaniere05Dance
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  • 18-Tahilahi05
  • 17-Tahilahi04
  • 16-Tahilahi02
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  • 14-Timarasaooussi03
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  • 11-Tadjelahine38

Here, no paintings of “Round head” who were hunting people but many painting of the period of cows. There were two types of people: first around 5,500 BC, black pastoral people keeping cow arrived in the plateau, then around 3,500 BC, white pastoral people keeping cow, sheep and goat.

What is special in this area is the existence of numerous paintings of white pastoral people. The paintings of Iheren and Tahilahi are fascinating. Scenes of the life of the pastoral people are depicted in detail with very fine lines. Their exact dating is unknown but presumably dated from 3,000BC to 1,500BC. It is amazing that such fine arts were realized by prehistoric nomadic people who were not under any dynastic power.



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