Photo-exhibition FRESCO OF IHEREN           イヘーレン岩壁画写真展

Posted by on 10月 23, 2014

Photo exhibition THE FRESCO OF IHEREN was held in Tokyo (17-21/9/2014) and in Kyoto (9-13/10/2013). The numbers of visitors were 407 in Tokyo and 887 in Kyoto. It was an unexpected level of success because my objective was 100 visitors for each place.

Prehistoric rock art is unfamiliar theme in Japan and I was wondering if it whips up interest. However, it turned out successful thanks to the promotion of the supporters as well as nice articles of newspapers and a weekly magazine.

Funding this exhibition was also very successful through a crowd funding CAMPFIRE and also through direct donations which amounted in total JPY520,000 with 92 persons involved. Thanks to this, the printing cost of JPY310,000 and the venue cost of JPY200,000 could be paid off. Thanks to all supporters.




360 panorama view of the exhibition in Kyoto:

Articles of  Newspapers and  Weekly magazine:


Highlight guide of The Fresco of Iheren:

Video Road to Iheren

Crowd Funding CAMPFIRE





ビデオ イヘーレンへの道


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